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Pump kit Acids and alkalis

Features and benefits:

  • for transferring acids and alkalis like boric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid (diluted), phosphoric acid, and liquid fertilizers
  • unique barrel pump design in PP throughout the world: a steel cored inner tube provides the ultimate in stability and extended service life of the mechanical seal - even at high temperatures
  • sealed inner tube, the liquid being pumped cannot enter the inner tube
  • suitable for transferring almost all liquid fluids
  • optimum barrel emptying due to ideal impellor design
  • to be stripped for cleaning with a minimum of effort

Pump Type:

  • F 430 PP-40/33 in Polypropylene

Immersion length:

  • 1000 and 1200 mm

Motor Type:

  • Commutator motor Type FEM 4070, 500 Watt, IP 24
  • with power supply cable , 5 m long, and 3-pole plug
  • compact design with optimal cooling and low noise level

Lever tap PP:

  • Exact, sensitive measuring
  • Higher flow rate
  • Higher operational safety due to improved seal

Accessories supplied with the pump:

  • Hose connection PP
  • Flexibel PVC hose DN 19, 2 m long
  • 2 hose clips
  • Quick action tap PP, seal FKM
  • Compression gland PP

Performance data

  • obtained with water at 20 °C at the pump outlet
  • Delivery rate max. 165 l/min
  • Delivery head max. 9,5 m water column
  • Viscosity max. 600 mPas (cP)
  • Temperature max. 50 °C
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Tomlinson Hall is delighted to be a distribution partner for FLUX, a leader in its field, and a developer of barrel pump technology for more than 60 years. Its dedication to research and development and product evolution reflects Tomlinson Hall’s own commitment to offering the very best pump products to our customers.

FLUX, along with DEPA and ELRO, is part of a strong contingent of German pump brands in our product portfolio, and we are proud to support the German pump industry.

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