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Sanitary Pumps

Pure Culture in Pumping

Advanced pump design, ideal for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry. Each sanitary pump can be stripped down in no time for cleaning and/or sterilization. Also available with 3A certification.

Type F 427 S with commutator motor F 457Type F 427 S with commutator motor F 457

For low viscosity products

Type F 560 S with three-phase motorType F 560 S with three-phase motor

For low to high viscosity, pasty, but still free flowing products

Type F 560 GS with air motor F 416-2 ExType F 560 GS with air motor F 416-2 Ex

For low to medium viscosity products up to max. 30.000 mPas (cP)

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Tomlinson Hall is delighted to be a distribution partner for FLUX, a leader in its field, and a developer of barrel pump technology for more than 60 years. Its dedication to research and development and product evolution reflects Tomlinson Hall’s own commitment to offering the very best pump products to our customers.

FLUX, along with DEPA and ELRO, is part of a strong contingent of German pump brands in our product portfolio, and we are proud to support the German pump industry.

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